Civil Engineering and Infrastructure


Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Our geospatial data and solution support the design, analysis and management of activities involve in Civil Engineering and infrastructure management.  

We provide accurate and cost-efficient geospatial data and software solution for the engineering community. 


Partners: Airbus, Intermap, and Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure and Geospatial, Leica Geosystems Airborne sensors

Featured Partners: Airbus, Intermap, and Hexagon GeospatialLeica Geosystems

Highly accurate geospatial date and uprecedented geospatial technology for planning, developing and maintaing your AEC Projects.


  • Asset Management
  • Environmental Engineering and Impact Studies
  • Land Administration Services
  • Site Analysis
  • Terrain Mapping and Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Waste Water and Stormwater Mangement
  • Watershed Analysis

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