Together with our partners we can provide geospatial information management solutions, geospatial data and map-based dashboards and apps to equip the agriculture industry. 

Our solution can provide government agencies and private sector geospatial data , mapping and visualisation techniques to analyse, monitor and evaluate agricultural resources and operations. 


Partners: Airbus, Intermap, and Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure and Geospatial

Featured Partners: Airbus, Intermap, and Hexagon Geospatial


Making agriculture smarter with geospatial technology


  • Crop Development Monitoring
  • Crop Yield Estimation
  • Check where the forest has lost ground and farming lands
  • Change Detection
  • Crop Analytics
  • Crop Development Monitoring
  • Crop health
  • Crop Yield Estimation
  • Delineate Parcel Boundaries
  • Mapping
  • Track and Trace Tractors and Irrigation Assets

Our Partners